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Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is a humanistic and holistic form of psychotherapy and was developed in the forties of the 20th century by Fritz Perls. The term gestalt therapy originated through the image of “open forms”, which means unfinished situations.

Unfinished situations are areas in our lives, that often wear us out unnoticed. These include, among others

  • conflicts that are still unresolved
  • your own wants and needs, that get too little attention in daily life
  • insults and injuries that have found no peace.

In private sessions of gestalt therapy, a space is being created through mutual engagement, which makes it possible for you to explore these open areas and to be able to find closure in a good way.
In this, the gestalt therapy is a holistic approach, i.e. body, soul and spirit are being taken into account in the therapeutic work. The focus of the work lies in the present, the “here and now” and is experience-oriented.

The goal of the gestalt therapy is to discover and develop your own potential for growth. This fosters the recovery of joie de vivre and responsibility for your own actions. Gestalt therapy helps you to perceive yourself more accurately and to discover your own needs.

Based on the enormous success of gestalt therapy, over the years the gestalt work has also been very successfully established in consulting and coaching.