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Individual Psychotherapy

Due to the current situation I also offer online meetings
via encrypted video communication.

Individual psychotherapy

In an individual gestalt therapy, it is about you and your concerns.
Among others, I want to help people who are preoccupied with one of the following topics:

  • You feel stuck in your life, you feel you are no longer moving forward or shaping your own direction.
  • You have old or current conflicts in your life, which will not let you come to rest.
  • Professionally or privately you feel powerless, permanently tired, burned out, overwhelmed, unhappy.
  • You desire changes in your personal or professional life, but do not know how to achieve them.
  • You live in a difficult family situation or relationship.
  • You are single and want a fulfilling relationship.
  • You can’t do certain things – or can’t stop doing them – even though you try to again and again.

If you are interested in Gestalt therapy sessions, give me a call or send me an Email (contact), we briefly discuss your concerns and set a first appointment for a preliminary session.
This first meeting is no therapy or counselling session. We get to know each other, talk about your reasons to look for support and try to get an idea if we are a good match to work together. If we decide to work together, I usualy recommend in general weekly sessions, at least in the beginning.

I look forward to your request!