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Couple counselling from couple to couple.

You argue a lot with each other?
Do you talk past each other?
Do you miss intimacy, affection and sex in your relationship?

You don’t want to go on like this.
But you don’t know how to change your relationship.

You have already taken the first big step towards change:
You admit to yourself that not everything is going well.
Such an acknowledgment is usually not easy for us and it is also frightening.

Why couple counselling from couple to couple?

My colleague Martin Battenfeld and I are experienced couple counsellors who have accompanied many couples into a healthy and exciting relationship.
Working couple to couple helps our clients to talk openly about their difficulties, their wishes and fears. With us, the couple does not have to struggle for the attention or approval of a single couple counsellor.
We work with modern methods, taking into account current scientific findings on couple dynamics and attachment theories.

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