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About me

About me

My path in Berlin was quite winding and hilly; it led me – sometimes more sometimes less – to medicine, psychology, education and art; I was a nurse, an art student, a grammar trainer, a religion teacher, a ‘proper’ teacher and today I am a psychotherapist.

I earned my money as a chauffeur, in the tennis centre, at the hotel reception, as a geriatric nurse and in family assistance; at school I taught the little ones and the big ones German and art, with class trips and parents’ evenings, played theatre with young people and trained them to be conflict mediators.

A year in Hessen and another year in Ethiopia taught me to rediscover and appreciate my life in Germany and in Berlin.

I like to be on the move, running, dancing and cycling. I also enjoy gardening, painting in my spare time and travelling near and far; when it’s warm enough, we go cycling. I like children, dogs and cats and I am always up for a game. For me, seriousness and humour belong together just as much as body and mind.

My diverse experiences flow into my work as a gestalt and trauma therapist. I am happy every day about my choice of profession.

Professional background

2020 – 2022 Training in © Somatic Experience (Anne Janzen, Heike Gattnar Berlin) body-oriented trauma therapy according to Peter Levine

2021 – 2022 Training in trauma-sensitive couple therapy (K. Klees)

2012 – 2017 Training in body-shape therapy (Michaela Buckl, Berlin)

2013 – 2017 Training in couple gestalt therapy at the GAP Berlin

2012 State examination as non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy in Berlin, Tempelhof

2012 Certified completion of training in gestalt therapy at IGG Berlin