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About me

About me

I am a Berliner and I grow up in the 60th, when Berlin was still surrounded by the wall.

After school I earned money by being a chauffeure, home nursery for elder people and  doing night watches in a hospital. Then I  went to nursery-school,  studied to be teacher for protestant religion at elementary school, studied  art and german philology in Berlin. Later I taught for many years children and teenies in german, art, drama and ethic/ religion – and I enjoyed my work.  Nowadays I mainly do consulting and therapy.  All my life I was interested and fascinated in medicine, psychologie, pedagogics and arts.

Most of my life I spend in Berlin, except one year in Giessen/ Hessen. Years later I lived and worked one year in Ethopia. After returned to Berlin, I looked differently on my home city – and I did  appreciate it much more than before.

I love to move, walking, dancing and riding the bike. My husband and I like to travel and when the weather is nice, we go for wonderful bike tours. I like children, young people and animals, and I like to play games. In my private time I`m a painter and I love things growing and developing.

I was trained as a Gestalt therapist at the IGG Berlin, and did  several advanced trainings, for exampel for gestalt body work with Michaela Buckl and for couple therapy at the GAP Berlin.

I frequently join trainings and workshops, supervision and any chance to learn more about human issues.