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Due to the current situation I also offer encrypted video meetings. Please ask for further conditions!


Welcome to my private practice for gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is one form of psychotherapy with its roots in gestalt psychology and other humanistic therapy methods.

You are not happy in your life, struggling again and again with the same kind of problems?  You feel restless, nervous, powerless or stressed for a long time? Some lost, grief or difficult situation changed your life deeply? You feel lonely, with or without a partner?  You feel fear, anger, panic and don`t know what is going on? You wish to change things in your life but dont know how? You`re looking for helpful support?

As a gestalt therapist I am interested in you as a whole person, on your experience and your perception in here and now. We will focus your wishes and needs, your worries and burdens, and look for how you can get support for your resources and strenghness, for your individual way.

In gestalt therapy it is not the aim to make a different person out of you, but to support you to find out, what you really need and how you can live your own way.

I respect the fact that you know best about your conditions. You are the expert for yourself and I have no intention to change you. In fact I will accompany you exploring new paths in life or finding a good way of dealing with the established route.

Our therapy sessions are closely aligned to your individual needs, because we are not tied to directive procedures of health insurance companies.

Gestalt therapy can support you

  • cope with fear
  • find out what you need and how to get
  • understand symptoms and implement their message
  • get healing processes in motion
  • develop new strengths and potentials
  • deal with difficult situations in partnership, family or at work
  • grief
  • lonelyness
  • stressful life

If you are interested in gestalt therapy sessions, give me a call or send me an E-Mail (contact me) and we set a first appointment for a preliminary session.

I`m looking forward to your request!