Unbenanntes Dokument


Do you need a change?

Are you stuck?
You have fears or are unhappy?
Do you feel powerless and burned out?
Have you experienced something bad and can’t find peace?

If you recognise yourself here, I offer you my support to find a way to a self-determined, happier life!

About my holistic work

Together we work on your issues and with your body. Because it’s all about you!
Our sessions are individually tailored to your needs and goals.

We are not bound to the three prescribed therapy methods of the health insurance companies. Gestalttherapy, stress and trauma therapy (© Somatic Experiencing) is not covered by statutory health insurance in Germany. You pay my fee privately.

These are your advantages:

+  You get a therapy place promptly.
+  You can choose your therapist and the method yourself.
+  You can quickly decide whether you feel comfortable with me.
Discretion: Only you and I know about our work – no one else.

About Gestalttherapy

Contrary to what the name “Gestalttherapy” suggests, this is not about painting, drawing or handicrafts. The term “Gestalt” refers to unfinished situations. It is about open “Gestalts” in life that do not let you find peace.

About trauma therapy

As a stress and trauma therapist (© Somatic Experiencing) I work in a trauma-sensitive and body-oriented way. All our experiences are stored in the body. There they become visible. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to recount traumatic contents over and over again and go into every detail. Your body knows everything – and I help you to understand.

Contact me for a prompt initial consultation.
This way you can get to know me and my way of working and find out if you are comfortable with it.