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I am a trained Gestalt therapist (IGG Berlin) and practitioner for psychotherapy. I am spezialised in Gestalt body work therapy and in couples therapy.
I have state approval for the practice of medicine according to the HPG of psychotherapy since 2011.

I have a 48h cancellation policy. If you don`t cancel your appointment with me at least
48 hours in advance I charge the full fee.

Individuel sessions

Costs for the preliminary session: 80 €
Costs for each individual session in Gestalt therapy (50 min ):  80 €
Costs for each private counselling session (50 min):  80 €

Couples Sessions

Costs for each session couples therapy
(couple to couple) with two therapists (75 min)  160 €




In Germany Gestalt therapy is not covered by the standard state health insurance.
If you are privately insured, your insurance company may cover (some of) the costs for Gestalt therapy.
Also couples therapy in Germany is not covered by any health insurance.

Please make sure BEFORE you arrange an initial meeting with me if you can afford private pay or if your health insurance covers the costs of a Gestalt therapist/ Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie.

Benefits for direct-payers of Gestalt therapy:

  • Therapy spot without waiting time
  • No entry in the medical records of the health insurance company – very important if you want to get appointed as a German civil servant in the near future or if you want, for example, to take out a disability insurance or life insurance policy.
  • The therapy sessions can be designed creatively and closely related to your individual needs. We are not tied to the directive procedures of health insurance companies.
  • Works in accordance with the health insurance catalog ICD 10 are omitted, categories of “sick” and “healthy” do not matter.
  • A lengthy and time-consuming application process with the health insurance company is not necessary.
  • A therapy is your private matter. Only you and I, your therapist, know about a privately funded psychotherapy.