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Why Therapy?

Why therapy?

We all experience psychological crises in the course of our lives. We can overcome most of them without professional help, for not only our bodies but also our soul possesses amazing healing powers. Many people also have help in form of their partner, family and good friends.

But if, despite all efforts, the psychological afflictions do not disappear after weeks and months, they become a serious burden.

In this situation it is advisable to seek out a psychotherapist to find out together:

To recognize and treat psychological afflictions is as important as the diagnosis and treatment of a physical illness. When it comes to psychological problems: the sooner they are recognized, taken seriously and treated, the better the chances for success.

A lot of people have psychological difficulties, that you would not call a “disease“. Nevertheless they are suffering and their satisfaction with their life is reduced. They would like to change something, but they can’t move forward alone any longer. In such situations, psychotherapy can help.